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Midland Diesel Service is an OEM authorized test and repair facility for all your fuel system needs. For over 65 years we have specialized in testing and rebuilding diesel pumps and injectors. 

Injection Pumps

Whether it is an old cast iron pump or a brand new electronic common rail pump, you can be sure we have you covered. Our technicians, with decades of experience each, have seen it all and are able to get your pump up and running like nothing before.

Diesel Injectors

Utilizing our specialized testing equipment, we are able to determine exactly what is going on with each set of injectors that comes in. From there we are able to pinpoint failures and either repair the injectors or offer you new or reman exchange injectors in their place.

We can even leak test and clean gas injectors!

*NEW* We have a new testing machine for all Electronic Unit Injectors (EUI). We can now test your unit injectors for Caterpillar, Cummins, Volvo, Detroit, John Deere, and more.

Common Rail Injectors

We are a Bosch authorized OEM quality remanufacturing facility for common rail injectors. Our state of the art clean room means we produce the highest quality injectors to keep you going strong. We have a large stock of injectors always available at a moment’s notice. We even offer improved over-stock HP nozzles to get that extra bit of performance out of your injectors. Head on over to our Common Rail Injector page for more information!

And as always, our injectors are backed by a 12 month, unlimited mile warranty. Give us a call today to learn more!

Looking for genuine parts or top notch drive-in service? Head on over to our Parts page or Truck Shop page to find out what we offer.